Happy Turkey Weekend

Okay, it’s not the weekend yet but I may not get a chance to wish you all a happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

It’ll be a busy weekend for me. Respite on Saturday (that’s fancy lingo for babysitting a foster child) then holiday dinner at my grandmother’s on Sunday and holiday dinner at my in-laws on Monday. Good food, noisy company, and not nearly enough time to write.

I finished another romance novella but I’m not allowed to tell you about it because it will be published under a pen name. So. My dear friend, Megan Faust has finished her first romance novella¬†and it’s going to be a series! The series is titled Full Throttle. The first book is called Race to Redemption. It’s scheduled for release this weekend. And my (and Megan’s) publisher has changed names from Blue Ribbon Books to Rascal Hearts.

Megan has a blog (http://megfaust.com) but I can’t figure out how to follow it. Sometimes I’m a technical numbskull.

Megan is working on her second novella – Race to Recovery. I’m working on a new series and a non-fiction book on introducing young children to the creative writing process. (I’m talking age 3-7 here).

Between all that I’m still raising two children and trying to find a part-time job that pays better than the writing (until the writing starts paying better). But I’m on the road to a paying career as a writer! Go me!

Enjoy your turkey, all you crazy canuks. And to the rest of you, well, you’ll just have to wait a month.