Missing in Action

EEP! Are you serious that I haven’t written a blog post since JULY!! Okay, I can explain, really!

As Camp Nano wrapped up in July I was balancing writing (and I did make my word goal) with packing as we took possession of our first house on August 1st. Go team! Okay, while having space and freedom and independence has been wonderful it comes with some drawbacks – like a lack of free babysitters when I just have to pop out and run my hubby the lunch he forgot … which hasn’t happened since we moved, thankfully. It also means no internet at the moment.

“But you’re posting a blog right now!” I hear some of you hollering.

Right. I live seven miles from my grandmother who does have internet and since I have a throat cold today I’m crashed at her house so she can help me wrangle my two lively children. And I’m piggy-backing on her internet connection.

Needless to say, my posting will be sporadic until we can get our budget stabilized and get some internet at our house. I have been wanting to do some posts on character development so I think I will write them by hand in my notebook and type them on Saturdays when I’m visiting my gramma.

In other, writing-related news. My next romance novella is being shipped off to the publisher today and should be available within a week or two. It is called Race to Redemption and I think the publisher wants me to use a pen name for it because it will hopefully be book one in a series. More info on that on Saturday.