The Home Stretch

Okay, it’s July 23rd, coming into the last week of camp, and some things have happened to partially derail my progress. First of all, I hit two zero-word-count days, in a row, and several low word count days. Various things, including procuring house insurance and a mailing address, and visiting relatives, sort of took priority. But that’s cool because I’ve already topped 50k and in Camp you can alter your word count goal.

So today I dropped my goal to 70k instead of 80k which puts my remaining daily goal at 1300 words per day. That’s less intimidating that 2700 words per day. So, what am I even working on at this point?

Well, Pants on Fire (working title was Liar, Liar) was successfully finished and published (and apparently hit the Top 61 list for free titles on Amazon over the weekend – according to my publisher). It’s available for about a dollar.

I finished Nightmare of Eden (at just under the 4k mark) and sent it away to Horrified Press for their Nightmare Walkers and Dream Stalkers anthology. I’m waiting to hear back. I hate waiting.

I finished We Will Not Go Quietly (at just over 8k) and printed it off for major editing. My dad is currently reading it because I needed a second set of eyes. It’s being sent off to Fox Spirit Press in the UK for their Girl at the End of the World anthology.

I have started my next novella, Race to Redemption, and it’s sitting at just over 4k. I have to have it completed by September 15th, or earlier. I need another 12k to finish Camp so that should put the novella around 20k – halfway. Since I have some long, intense, racing scenes and some intense sex scenes to write I think hitting 40-50k total should be easy.

So, why September 15 when I wrote Pants on Fire in 8 days? For one thing, I just got back from a three day trip out of province for my great uncle’s 80th birthday (travelling 10 hours with two children, ages 1.5 years and 3 years, was interesting and exhausting). For another, I move into my first house on the first of August which means a lot of packing, cleaning, and unpacking in the next two weeks. Then there’s the one week trip to the Royal Tyrell Museum so my son can see dinosaurs and the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing, and a house warming party. With all that (oh and a pair of mittens to knit for my friend’s mom and a baby blanket to crochet for my sister’s little one, due in November), my plate is heaping!

But, writing is my love and my livelihood so write I must and write I will.

You can find Off the Market, and Pants on Fire at for a dollar each. Race to Redemption will be available late in September and will be the first in the Turbo Charged Series (followed by Race to Recovery and Race to Romance).

PS – I’m looking for more titles in the theme of Race to …. if you have any ideas please comment. They don’t have to start with an ‘R’ but it would be cute if they did!

Signing off …


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