Calling all Angels

*Title quote from the song*

I started seriously writing in high school – of course most of it was complete and utter crap. Well, the writing was crap. Some of the ideas were gold. Let’s start this story at the beginning with one Stephanie M., my best friend at the time.

Stephanie had thought up a little story for herself, and two other friends who she had been very close to and did not see very often. She allowed me to be the forth member of this little world. Slowly the other two friends were dropped and a third friend of ours was added. That third character has remained within the story but has been based on different people as we went along.

Stephanie was Reiny, a blue haired princess who could control water. I was Miriam, a red haired princess who could control fire. We were busy writing a language (basically a secret code) and creating magic powers for ourselves. And that’s when the dreams started.

Obviously we’d just spent too much time talking about all this stuff and Stephanie started dreaming about it, but the dreams were like scenes from a movie, vivid and full of life and strange characters. The next thing we knew we had a very complicated, multi-versioned world. Her job was to dream, my job was to jot down the details and keep it all straight – cancelling out stuff we didn’t like, replacing it with new, more interesting ideas, filling in the gaps, smoothing out inconsistencies. We’d sit for hours on the weekend, or at lunch, talking and sorting and day dreaming this strange world.

And that is your introduction to what we named “Zoedar”. The princesses were originally called the Angels of Zoedar. They were the ones to save the planet from evil. But the story kept growing. The princesses were hidden on Earth, as three teenage girls, sent to live with different families only to find each other in high school. New characters developed, some based on friends we had, some based on dreams.

After high school Stephanie moved on to other projects and I fought my way through university. But Zoedar lived on in my notebooks and I was always touching up plot lines or character sketches until Stephanie handed over the reigns to me and stepped back. At first she came by once or twice a year to go over any major changes, now we do all that via computer. She reads every draft, approves every major change, and advices me when I get stuck. She’s going to get major credit when this is all over.

So, what does Zoedar look like now? I still use the original map, but now I have smaller countries, and they’re not all ruled by a single king. Zoedar is the name of a country, not the planet. I cut some of the original deities and added some extra characters. You’ll no longer see Reiny and Miriam – now they are Sepherym Reiny Hukaru and Meryum Reigh Hukaru – twins who will never see Earth. The third sister is now a cousin – Tatyonym Aris. Many of the original characters remain (Luke, Jonathan, Troy, Queenie, Tritaton, Catrana, Zaine, Robyn, Andrake) and I’ve added a few more (Erjon, Edana, Ashlynn, Daniel – added while Steph was still involved – Aewyn, Kale, Jackson, Jackson’s wife, Amelia, James). Okay, these are all just names to you, and there’s no time or space to tell you how each places a role in the story, but you can see how the world has grown from four girls to fully populated.

The plot – war. An old enemy returns and the princesses are separated by war. They must each untangle webs of betrayal, old and new, and pick out friend from foe from among people claiming to be allies. Betrayal comes from some surprising places, and loyalty from unlikely sources. They will fall in love, have their hearts broken, and lose people close to them. In the end they will face not just a man but an entire family with hatred to spare and an entire race on the edge of destruction as they fight to reclaim two thrones from the clutches of “evil”.

There are other plots, other stories, stories of Sepherym’s childhood, stories of the world’s history, stories that simply take place there. I have one about a magically aided plague that wipes out an entire province. I have one that’s about a rebellious fairy and how she finds a place in the bigger world. But those are stories for another day.

Signing off…


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