Casia Schreyer – Freelance Writer and Novelist

I’ve never been good at introducing myself but here goes.

I have been writing for many years, both fiction and non-fiction. This past year I started supplementing my income with freelance writing and editing jobs with the hopes of creating a name for myself and to practice my craft so that one day my novels will be published. Those first few jobs were more practice than creating a name for myself since they were ghostwriting jobs. Not the sort of fiction I’d want my name on anyways. Then I picked up a long term editing job.

Talk about a godsend! I have been working with Albert Everett from Dubai editing his screenplay/novel series, Mountain Paradise. What a wonderful series! Episodes 1-3 have been edited and returned (sadly a laptop mishap has slowed me up on Episode 4 but I get my laptop back today and I hope to have #4 done by the end of summer). I have several other projects from Mr. Everett to edit. It has been a wonderful working relationship (on my end anyways) and I look forward to seeing the novel version of each episode in print.

In April I signed on with Blue Ribbon Books to write 30,000 word romance novellas for digital release. I don’t really read romance novels, I never thought I’d be writing them, and my first one was on digital shelves in May! Off The Market has recieved decent reviews on and since its release. I am working on my second novel for them, and then I hope to write the two sequels to Off The Market and have them published over the fall and early winter (Overhauled and From The Ground Up are the two sequels; I’m currently writing Liar, Liar).

I have my own works in progress, mainly fantasy and science fiction, novels, novellas, and short stories. I’ll be releasing details of those stories and worlds here as I go. I am a regular participant in NaNoWriMo and can often be found wasting time on their Facebook page instead of writing. I am always on the lookout for a quick freelance job or a long term working relationship.

Personally? I am a happily married mother of two who is taking some time to stay home and raise my kids. I’ll be forced to enter the workforce again this fall as we’ve bought our first house and now have a mortgage. Hopefully I’ll be working a few evenings a week, plus my writing while I’m home with the kids during the day. I collect blank noteboos and brightly coloured yarn. I’m an avid journaller, writer, knitter, and crocheter (so my collections are useful – now tell that to my husband!) and I have a Facebook based business selling custom knit accessories and baby sweaters. You can find me at!/schreyerknits – Likes are appreciated and you can order any time. Oh, I also enjoy cooking, which is what I need to do now. Crockpot chicken does need to be ignored for 3 hours, after all.

Signing off …


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